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What is Virxcan-X?

Thousands of people worldwide have used Virxcan-X tablets and salve as a natural means to remove unwanted moles, warts, and other growths.


In 2015, Sunstone Formulas, after many years of requests and development,  released Virxcan-X salve and tablets. These updated formulas were based on the original Virxcan salve and tablets but contained Sunstone's own proprietary take on the original. The new formulations were met with much acclaim from customers of the original and quickly became  Sunstone's  best selling products.


Virxcan-X Tablets and Virxcan-X Salve are Sunstone's own proprietary formulas.  While they are used in similar fashion to the original Virxcan products, they are different products, formulated and manufactured by Sunstone Formulas.  Below are a few of the reasons for the switch.

  • The lower manufacturing costs enabled Sunstone to sell Virxcan-X products at cheaper prices than before, especially the tablets.
  • In addition to the price reduction, Sunstone Formulas was able to  increase the tablet bottle size from 60 to 120 tablets, which, when taking a dosage of 4 a day,  became a one month's supply, instead of only 2 weeks.
  • Sunstone was able to disclose all the ingredients they used in manufacturing  the Virxcan-X products and include them online and on the labels. (The original manufacturer never allowed this).
  • Sunstone was able to more closely control production and inventory in order to have a more consistent supply of the tablets and salve.

Virxcan-X Tablets

Virxcan-X Tablets are used by those suffering from moles, warts, and other growths both internally and externally. They can be used with or without Virxcan-X Salve.

Recommended Use*

1 to 4 or more tablets per day, as needed. Take with meals.   Start with one tablet daily, gradually increasing to desired level. Virxcan-X Tablets are a detoxifier.  If you experience nausea or other detox effects, reduce the dosage temporarily, then slowly increase the dosage back up to the desired level.* See below for additional recommendations.


Bloodroot, Chaparral, Galangal, Graviola, Poke Root, Red Clover Blossom, Sheep Sorrel, Turmeric, Zinc Chloride, MSM, Dextrose, Vegetable Lubricants, Magnesium Stearate, and Silica.

Additional Recommendations*

Virxcan-X Tablets, 400mg (120 Count)

General Diet Considerations

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We advise you to eat foods that enhance nutrition and promote detoxification of your body.  Highly processed food from fast food places and stores should be avoided completely.  Specific suggestions:

  •  Organically-grown produce (not necessarily "certified organic").
  •  Fish caught in the wild, the cleaner their water habitats the better.
  • For meat/dairy eaters, consume products originating from animals that are ranged rather than caged, grass and alfalfa-fed (cattle, bison, etc.), and free from growth hormones and antibiotics.
  • Drink plenty of purified water.

Virxcan-X Salve, (1 oz)


Virxcan-X Salve is used by those suffering from external moles, warts, and other growths. It can be used with or without Virxcan-X Tablets.

Recommended Use*

If you intend on using Virxcan-X Salve on moles, warts, etc.,  do so under the supervision of your health care provider.  Consider these suggestions:

  1. If the affected area has a tough exterior or is generally made up of tough tissue, you need to scrape and score the area first before applying the salve.   This will enable the salve to penetrate down into the deepest layers of the affected area and more efficiently and effectively do its job.  A handy and safe tool for scraping and scoring is a foot rasp or scraper.  With this kind of skin scraper, you can be as gentle or aggressive as you need to be to create small openings in the target area.
  2. If the salve is dry, mix in a few drops of water to make a moist paste.  Apply a layer of the salve on the affected area and cover it with gauze or a Band-Aid.
  3. Keep the target area covered during the first 48 hours.  You will probably feel a burning or stinging sensation during this time.
  4. After 48 hours remove the cover. If the salve is working well, it’s normal for you to see a red and greyish swelling.  Clean the target area by running cold water over it.  Then apply another Band-Aid.
  5. Check the target area daily, cleaning it as you see fit, and then reapplying a new cover.  In a few days, a scab will form. A lighter colored ring forms around the scab. When this ring starts to pull away from the surrounding skin, apply colloidal silver on some gauze or cotton cloth (or just spray it directly onto the scab) and tape the gauze or cotton cloth over the area.  The scab may take anywhere from one to seven weeks to completely dislodge itself.  Do not pull the scab off, because doing so may leave roots intact, and scarring is also more likely to occur. Keeping the area moist with the colloidal silver is the important key for getting the entire scab and the associated tissue underneath to all come out.
  6. At times, if the salve has not penetrated deep enough, you’ll need to apply it a second time, gently scoring the scabbed area before reapplying it.  Also, occasionally, the salve simply will not do anything to the target area, regardless of how many times you apply it and how deep it penetrates.   In these cases, we believe that the body senses that the target areas do not pose a threat.
  7. Apply salve to only ONE target area at a time.  When it’s been totally resolved, you can move on to the next area.
  8. A small percentage of Virxcan-X Salve users experience a greater degree of pain while the salve is working on the affected area.  If soaking the area for 20 minutes with colloidal silver doesn’t reduce the pain sufficiently, it may be well for you to seek advice from your health care practitioner.
  9. We advise you to use the salve on an area other than your face for the first application to see whether or not you scar.  Some people's skin tends to scar more easily than others, so your test area will indicate how your skin will react.
  10. Keep the salve from making contact with metal objects to maintain the effectiveness of the product over time.
  11.  If you are working with a larger surface area, you may want to put petroleum jelly around it to help prevent the salve from leaking out of the affected area.
  12. Taking Virxcan-X tablets at the same time can help accelerate the progress.
  13. Be sure to order colloidal silver along with the salve if you need it.




Bloodroot, Galangal, Chaparral, Graviola, Turmeric, Poke Root, Purified Water, Glycerin, Zinc Chloride and DMSO.


Glycerin, which keeps the formula moist, and Turmeric are included in the formula to decrease scaring. DMSO is included to help the formula go deeper into the tissue. The herbs have been selected for their anti-growth, anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties. All the ingredients are of a high quality.

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